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CNN video – The Avett Brothers

Check out the inspirational story of the Avett Brothers below.  They were brought together by a band member’s baby being diagnosed with brain cancer.  These men have experienced PTG and have come closer together to support each other through this trauma.  Click the video below to check it out!


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New poster in Pryale Hall!

IMG_0858If you are on or near campus, come to Pryale Hall (across from the Rec Center and near Fitzgerald House) and check out the new and up to date poster!It gives you information about our lab, along with all of our current lab member and their research interest.  Our poster also gives contact information in case you are looking to apply for our lab!  If you aren’t on campus, check out our link below to check out the poster up close.  Enjoy!!

Click here for the poster!

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CNN article – “Son’s drowning spurs mom to action”

Check out the link below to read an inspirational story about a mother who lost her child to a drowning accident.  From this experience, she has gotten involved in non-profit organizations that teach children how to swim.  This woman has definitely experienced PTG, and is an inspiration to many!  Please check out the link below, it includes a video about her experience!

CNN – Wanda ButtsImage

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Alexander Boulos joins the PTG team!

We are very pleased to introduce a new member to the lab this winter semester of 2013, Alexander Boulos!  Alexander is currently in his junior year at Oakland University and is working to obtain his Bachelor’s in Psychology.  After Oakland, he hopes to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.  In this lab, Alexander will be focused on the PTG and PTSD relationship of males involved in military combat.  Welcome to the lab, Alexander!

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