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Maggie Presents to the Lab

1510544_10151877828573460_1561951617_nMaggie presented at our last lab meeting of the semester on her individual project about self-esteem, and her Michigan Academy The Combined Role of Gender and Religiosity on the Self-Esteem of American Adolescents.

She spent her semester researching how gender and religious strength affect self-esteem, and she plans to continue studying self-esteem more in depth next semester.

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Meeting of the Minds Journal Publications

mom_sidebarIn addition to the busy last days of the Fall semester, two lab members received an exciting e-mail stating that both of their Meeting of the Minds studies were published in the 2013 MOM Journal.  This journal is specific for undergraduate research. To view the publications by Sharell Elam and Kellie McGuire, click on the following link:

Romantic Relationship Dissolutions: Assessing Posttraumatic Growth Cross-Culturally Between American and Japanese Undergraduate Students

The Influence of Disclosure and Religiosity on the Posttraumatic Growth of Bereaved Adolescents

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