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APA 2014 in Washington D.C.

APA Poster Awards Collage

Left: Dr. Taku, Kellie McGuire, and Sharell Elam with district 1 members. Right: Dr. Calhoun, Dr. Taku, Leah LaLonde, Dr. Tedeschi

The PTG Lab had a very exciting trip to Washington, D.C. Sharell Elam and Kellie McGuire presented the poster Effects of Priming the Shared Traumatic Experiences on Posttraumatic Growth. The lab members received honorable mention for the Raymond Corsini Student Poster Award. Their presentation was in Division 1 for General Psychology.

Dr. Taku also received an Outstanding Poster Award for  her poster Core Beliefs, Rumination, and Posttraumatic Growth resulting from March 11th Earthquake in Japan in Division 56 for Trauma.

Click on links below to see the posters presented at APA.

Not only did the lab members take home awards from their poster presentations but also Dr. Taku and all three lab members had the chance to network with other professionals with similar interests and attend talks about different subjects of interest.  Dr. Taku’s lab and Dr. Tedeschi’s lab also had a chance to meet up for dinner and share experiences researching PTG.

APA Photo Collage2

Top Left: Dr. Tedeschi presenting. Midde: Kellie McGuire and Dr. Taku. Right: Kellie McGuire and Sharell Elam presenting. Bottom: Group shot after dinner with UNCC.


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