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PTG Lab Featured on Oakland University’s Home Page

adf 2We made the home page! The PTG Lab, Dr. Taku, and research assistants Leah McDiarmid and Aundreah Walenski, were recently interviewed by Oakland University’s Communication and Marketing. Click the picture above or here to read the article discussing posttraumatic growth, Dr. Taku’s recent research ventures, and the lasting impact she has left on her undergraduate research assistants’ success at Oakland and beyond.

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Upcoming Meeting of Minds Conference

Lab members Leah McDiarmid, Aundreah Walenski, and Jessica Genaw have recently submitted abstracts to the 23rd annual Meeting of Minds Conference on May 15th, hosted by the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The Meeting of Minds conference is a great way for undergraduate students to present their research and will truly be a meeting of undergraduate minds from Oakland University, University of Michigan-Flint, and University of Michigan-Dearborn.

  • Genaw, J., & McDiarmid, L. (2015, May). High school bullying in Japan
    and America: Impact on self-esteem and personal growth. Poster sessionmom_sidebar
    presented at the 23rd Meeting of Minds.
  • McDiarmid, L., & Walenski, A. (2015, May). Japanese and American
    youth: What does personal growth mean? Poster session presented at the 23rd Meeting of Minds.
  • Walenski, A., & Genaw, J. (2015, May). How does age and adversity
    affect the level of hope? Poster session presented at the 23rd Meeting of Minds.

To read their abstracts, click on the links below. 

Japanese and American Youth: What Does Personal Growth Mean?

How Does Age and Adversity Affect the Level of Hope?

High School Bullying in Japan and America: Impact on Self-Esteem and Personal Growth

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