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Update on High School Intervention Study

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The PTG lab is excited to announce that data collection for Fall semester has begun! The lab is continuing their research for the high school intervention study. They have visited a local high school, presented and discussed PTG to the students. They administered the first survey and will go back in a few weeks to administer the second round of surveys. Once data is collected and coded, we will be able to analyze the data and present our findings in future research projects and presentations.

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Jessica’s Journal Club Presentation

Lab member, Jessica presented her Journal Club Presentation on “Post-traumatic growth, stressful life events, and relationships with substance use behaviors among alternative high school students,” at our last lab meeting. IMG_6229Journal club allows lab members to pick an article of their interest regarding PTG and challenge their research skills. Jessica chose a prospective study that looked at older at-risk adolescents who reported higher levels of PTG in the aftermath of a stressful life event also looking at their substance use behaviors at the two-year follow-up.

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Three Students Published Papers in the Meeting of Minds Undergraduate Journal

Meeting of Minds is a yearly undergraduate conference that gives undergraduate students the opportunity to present their research and publish papers in the Meeting of Minds undergraduate journal. This past May three lab members published  papers in the journal. If your interested click on the titles and read their research!

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