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Lauren’s Article Presentation and Hypotheses

img_5402Lab member, Lauren, presented a study, Stress and affective experiences: The importance of dark personality features, and two hypotheses. Second semester research assistants present an article to other members of the lab and discuss potential hypotheses based on the article’s findings. The main purpose of this study was to determine if the Dark Triad personalities were linked with responses to stress. When comparing individuals high in psychopathy and low in psychopathy, researchers found that those high in psychopathy displayed a higher reaction to stress than individuals low in psychopathy. When comparing individuals high in narcissism and low in narcissism, researchers did not find a significant difference in reaction to stress. There were no significant findings between Machiavellianism and stress. Lauren then presented two possible hypotheses that she hopes to further research in her time in the lab.

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Whitney’s Thesis Presentation

img_5393Graduate student, Whitney, presented her master’s thesis research presentation, entitled Animal Assisted Therapy, Perceived Social Support, and Posttramatic Growth in Traumatized Youth, at our last meeting. The purpose of this study is to investigate (1) whether animals increase posttraumatic growth, (2) whether animals decrease posttraumatic stress symptoms, (3) whether AAT increases social support and, (4) whether social support impacts PTG. Whitney has received IRB approval, has begun data collection for this study, and will continue throughout the semester. Congratulations Whitney!

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The PTG Lab Presents at New Student Convocation

Lab members Shelby Seyburn, Geena Osowski, and Lauren Harriimg_5383sion were asked to speak at the Fall 2016 New Student Convocation for psych students. The presentation consisted of a brief overview of what PTG is, how the lab goes about conducting research, and why students should get involved in research early. They emphasized the importance of getting research experience outside of the classroom and building professional relationships with faculty as well as the steps one needs to take to become a research assistant.

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The PTG Lab Welcomes Two New Members!

img_5361The PTG lab is excited to welcome Kyle this upcoming Fall 2016 semester. Kyle is currently a junior at Oakland University and is majoring in psychology and minoring in Christian studies. He joined the PTG lab because he finds posttraumatic growth to be a more positive approach to trauma and something that should be studied more in-depth. He has an interest in how PTG affects spirituality and plans on studying how an individual experiences spiritual growth as a result of a traumatic event. After graduating from Oakland, Kyle plans on going to graduate school to obtain a masters in clinical psychology. Kyle can be reached at


The fall 2016 semester, the PTG is also welcoming new lab member, Jenna. Jenna is currently a junior at Oakland University and is double majoring in Psychology and Writing & Rhetoric. She joined the PTG lab because of her passion for helping people who suffer from PTSD. In particular, Jenna isinterested in examining how rumination promotes post traumatic growth, and what implications this could have for the treatment of those suffering from PTSD, as well as other stress-related disorders. Upon graduation from Oakland University, she plans to pursue graduate studies in Psychology with the ultimate goal of establishing a career in research. Jenna can be reached at

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