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Velinka’s Article Presentation

Velinka's Article Presentation Photo EditedFirst semester lab members present an article to enhance their research skills as well as to share their interests with the lab. Recently, Velinka presented an empirical article, “Growing from experience: An exploratory study of posttraumatic growth in adolescent refugees” by Marieke Sleijpen, Joris Haagen, Trudy Mooren, and Rolf J. Kleber. The purpose  of this study was to examine the relationship between perceived posttraumatic growth (PTG) and potentially traumatic events (PTEs), perceived social support, posttramatic stress disorder (PTSD), dispositional optimism, and satisfaction with life in adolescent refugees and asylum seekers. The results showed that dispositional optimism and social support positively predicted PTG, and PTG is positively related with satisfaction with life. There was no relationship between PTG and PTSD, suggesting that they are independent constructs. Future research is needed to determine causality between PTG and other mental health outcome sin adolescent refugees.

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Shelby’s Independent Research Project

IMG_6284Lab member, Shelby, recently presented the progress of her independent research project, Teen Mom Programming. The PTG Lab will be collaborating with a local high school to investigate the effectiveness of educating teen moms on posttraumatic growth and the importance of social support. This project is clinically significant because providing teen parents with resources and support may properly educate them in areas such as wellness, childcare, resume building, etc. Congratulations goes to the PTG lab for receiving the CAS Community Engagement Grant. We are all excited to use this opportunity to develop a new educational intervention program to assist teen parents to foster their social support and personal growth.

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