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Jasmine’s Journal Club Presentation

Junior member research assistant, Jasmine, gave her first Journal Club Presentation on Bereavement, Religion, and Jasmine JC 2015Posttraumatic Growth: A Matched Control Group Investigation. Journal Club allows our research assistants to present a PTG article of their interest to the lab and challenge their research skills. Jasmine’s chosen article found that bereaved individuals had higher religiousness and PTG than those that experienced another type of traumatic event. In fact, those that lost someone violently (ex. car crash, suicide, murder) reported more PTG and distress than those that lost someone to natural causes (ex. old age or sickness).

To read more about this study, click the link below.

Bereavement, Religion, and Posttraumatic Growth : A Matched Control Group Investigation

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Jessica and Aundreah’s Journal Club Presentations

It is that time of year again, Journal Club Presentations! First and second semester research assistants are asked to Aundreah JC Updatedpresent an article of their choice to the lab. This semester, second semester research assistant, Aundreah recently presented a qualitative study on PTG, Exploring self-perceived growth in a clinical sample of severely traumatized youth. This study found that reports of PTG increased and levels of PTSS decreased after therapeutic interventions in severely traumatized Norwegian youth. Aundreah will continue to research PTG qualitatively in traumatized youth throughout the semester.

Jessica JC UpdateJessica also presented for the first time in the month of February about infidelity and PTG, Recovery from Infidelity: Differentiation of Self, Trauma, Forgiveness, and Posttraumatic Growth Among Couples in Continuing Relationships. This study found that forgiveness was a predictor for posttraumatic growth for those who have been cheated on sexually and are continuing their relationship post infidelity.

To read more about these studies, click the links below.

Exploring self-perceived growth in a clinical sample of severely traumatized youth.

Recovery from infidelity: differentiation of self, trauma, forgiveness, and posttraumatic growth among couples in continuing relationships.

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