Research Interest

Here is some ideas for potential research topics we are interested in from 2020 to 2022.

  • Social, political, and psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic, including the distinctions between PTG, resilience, and well-being
  • Impact on values and trust in government and statistics that relate to personality, anxiety, coping, and PTG
  • Racial disparities, inequality, the mass protests in the U.S.,and justice related to action-focused growth 
  • PTG as defense mechanism against anxiety under COVID-19
  • Tipping point for post-traumatic/daily cognitive, emotional, personality, relational, and physical changes
  • Bright, dark, and ugly side of resilience and PTG
  • Impact of being hurt and harming others within the same person
  • Issues surrounding PTG, authentic growth, and illusory growth
  • PTG as a means of revenge
  • Sustainability of PTG and PTG as a temporal coping/mood
  • Values of leisure, outdoor activities, sports and athletes under COVID-19 relate to mental and physical health
  • Impact of cyber harassment, rejection, and bullying on well-being

[Previous lines of Research Interests]

  • Process and Outcome of Posttraumatic Growth, resilience, and Life-Long Development
  • Emotional and Cognitive Processing Following Trauma and impactful Life Events
  • Cultural Influences on Trauma-Related Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors
  • Authentic and Illusory aspects of Posttraumatic Growth
  • Resiliency and PTG in Physicians and Medical Students
  • Developing a Psycho-Educational Intervention Program of PTG

[Additional Research Topics we are interested in or currently studying in our lab]

  • Anger
  • Altruism
  • Discrimination
  • Resilience
  • Eudaimonic well-being
  • Stigma
  • Anonymity (e.g., cyber bullying)
  • Personality change (e.g., dark personality, HEXACO)
  • Blame
  • Negative capability
  • Revenge
  • Happiness
  • Wisdom
  • Traditional and Modern type of depression
  • Medical mishaps

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