Kat Lewitzke

Dr. Lewitzke Collaborator photoDr. Kat Lewitzke completed her doctorate in clinical psychology in 2016 from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology. She was a member of the PTG lab from 2008 to 2009. While she was in the lab, she examined the relationships between PTG and optimism, and presented her study at Meeting of Minds. For her dissertation, she examined PTG with personal beliefs across a sample of emerging adults. For her clinical training, she worked at an interdisciplinary neuropsychological center that offered services for individuals suffering with traumatic brain injuries, autism, and learning disabilities, among many others. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Oakland University Counseling Center. For her post-doc training, she worked for an inpatient practice that provided various neuropsychological services for both children and adults. Dr. Lewitzke can be reached at

Leah McDiarmid

leahLeah is a   second year masters student at Eastern Michigan University and is working to complete the Clinical Behavioral Program. She joined the PTG lab as an undergraduate in 2013 and has remained an active part of the research lab since then. Currently, Leah is a part of the Behavioral Medicine Research Group supervised by Dr. Hoodin and Dr. Byrd. Broadly, her interests are in integrated care and the role that psychologists can have in improving medical outcomes. She is currently completing her external practicum at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Upon graduation from Eastern Michigan University, Leah hopes to continue for a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She plans to pursue a career in both research and clinical work. Leah can be reached at

Aundreah Walenski

25396092_10214102956750089_4925339101103545776_nAundreah graduated from the graduate school, University of Michigan on December 2017. She obtained her masters degree in clinical social work and became a clinically licensed social worker, hoping to host psycho-educational workshops for families afflicted with mental illness and utilize posttraumatic growth theory. Aundreah is interested in posttraumatic growth following multiple stressful life events and the power of psycho-education interventions. Aundreah is continuing her research project, The Multitude of Events with Dr. Taku and the PTG lab. Aundreah can be reached at

Geena Osowski

Geena picture-2

Geena starts her first year of graduate school at the University of Michigan to obtain her masters degree in social work. Geena plans to work with children and families of children who have been abused and neglected. She hopes to incorporate the theories researched on PTG and resilience in a clinical setting to encourage these individuals to overcome and grow from trauma. In the lab, her focus was on resilience and religion in adolescents and she hopes to continue her work in the lab in the future. Geena can be reached at

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