Forthcoming Presentation

We are going to attend Virtual Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, & Letters Annual Meetings on March, 2021.

  • Benson, K., Nicholas, A., & Taku, K. Overcoming failure to cultivate wisdom: Mediational roles of resiliency and posttraumatic growth.
  • O’Brien, C., Rhodes, J., Kaznowski, V., Taku, K. Anxiety, food disgust, and parenting styles: The complex factors associated with avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder.

We are going to attend MPA (Midwestern Psychological Association) virtual conference on April 22-24, 2021.

Following abstracts are currently under review:

  • Benson, K., Rhodes, J., Nicholas, A., & Taku, K. Asymmetrical perceptions of academic failure and achievement.
  • Elam, T., Causey, E., Kaznowski, V., O’Brien, C., & Taku, K. Can undergoing trauma make you better at reading emotions in others? Examining the relationship between emotion recognition, traumatic events, and posttraumatic growth.
  • Fraus, K., Burley, E., Baker, N., & Taku, K. Burnout, motivation, and posttraumatic growth in medical students.
  • O’Brien, C., Smith, K., & Taku, K. Anxiety changes from emotional and unemotional mass shooting media reports.
  • O’Brien, C., & Taku, K. Racial differences in the perception of modern-type and traditional-type depression.
  • Rhodes, J., Benson, K., Nicholas, A., & Taku, K. Impact of racial discrimination on academic motivation and academic achievement.

APA 2014 Photo Collage

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