Forthcoming Presentation

We are planning to attend the APA (American Psychological Association) in 2023 (Washington, DC).

  • Dordeski, L., Hicks, P., & Taku, K. Both sides of the big five: Victim-perpetrator overlap of exclusion, depression, and personality.
  • Efthemioiu, A., Elam, T., & Taku, K. Differences in grief experiences: Posttraumatic growth, resilience, and the death of a grandparent.
  • Elam, T., & Taku, K. Are you an optimist or pessimist?: How attitudes play a role in posttraumatic growth and resilience.
  • Qaqish, A., Benson, K., & Taku, K. The effects of personal identity and narcissism on occupational importance.
  • Williams, K. A., Dordeski, L., & Taku, K. Exploring personality’s role in antisocial behavior and medical distrust.

APA 2014 Photo Collage

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