Forthcoming Presentation

We are planning on attending the following conference:

  • The following 10 study abstracts will be presented at the APA (American Psychological Association) convention in August 2019 (Chicago, IL).
    • Dominick, W., Adams, B., & Taku, K. Impact of dolphins on children’s social support and dolphin welfare knowledge. 32 – Humanistic Psychology Division.
    • Dominick, W., & Taku, K. Posttraumatic growth and pets: Does species matter? 32 – Humanistic Psychology Division.
    • Hiraki, K., Hubarth, M., Taku, K., Kibi, S., Oshiro, R., Soejima, T., & Kamibeppu, K. Qualitative analysis of posttraumatic growth and posttraumatic depreciation in Japan. 45 – Culture, Ethnicity and Race Division.
    • Kibi, S., Minal, Q., Soejima, T., Oshiro, R., Hiraki, K., Kamibeppu, K., & Taku, K. Influences of the type and the experienced form of trauma on posttraumatic growth. 56 – Trauma Psychology Division.
    • Kopitz, J., Adams, B., & Taku, K. Dichotomous thinking and self esteem in adolescents. 08 – Personality and Social Psychology Division.
    • Marton, V., Rothig, O., Kibi, S., Oshiro, R., Soejima, T., Kamibeppu, K., Hiraki, K., & Taku, K. Does disclosure moderate the impact of rumination on posttraumatic growth in firefighters? 56 – Trauma Psychology Division.
    • Nicholas, A. E., Rothig, O., McLarnon, M., & Taku, K. Resiliency moderating the relationship between failure and wisdom. 09 – Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Division.
    • Orille, A., Hubarth, M., & Taku, K. PTG and illusory growth: Gender perceptions of different growth types. 08 – Personality and Social Psychology Division.
    • Orille, A., Marton, V., & Taku, K. Relating to others’ trauma: Does relatability affect posttraumatic growth? 08 – Personality and Social Psychology Division
    • Taku, K., & Marton, V. Cross-national comparisons of monetary donations to in-group and out-group members, 01 – General Psychology Division.


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