Forthcoming Presentation

We are planning on attending the following conference:

  • Four papers will be presented at the 90th annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA) in April 2018, Chicago, IL.
    • Harrison, L. K., Kopitz, J., & Taku, K. Which dimensions of narcissism are influential in reporting posttraumatic growth?
    • Kopitz, J., Marton, V., & Taku, K. Examining the relationship between the Dark Triad and posttraumatic growth.
    • Marton, V., Vens, K., & Taku, K. Personality traits and importance of nationality: Indicators of cultural adaptation?
    • Nicholas, A., Duronio, J., & Taku, K. Counter-intuitive impact of academic stressors on posttraumatic growth in bereaved college students.
  • Several papers are currently under review to be presented at the 126th annual convention of the American Psychological Association (APA) in August 2018, San Francisco, CA.
    • Duronio, J. M., Nicholas, A., & Taku, K.  Impactful life events and combined stressors related to posttraumatic growth. (08 – Personality and Social Division).
    • Duronio, J. M., Taku, K., & McLarnon, M. Resiliency, posttraumatic growth, and growth motivation. (19 – Military Division).
    • Harrison, L. K., Marton, V., & Taku, K. How narratives of authentic and illusory posttraumatic growth are perceived. (01 – General Psychology Division).
    • Kopitz, J., Harrison, L., & Taku, K. The influence of dark triad personality traits on perceived trauma (08 – Personality and Social Division).
    • Kopitz, J., Marton, V., & Taku, K. The relationship between the Dark Triad and PTG resulting from interpersonal stressors (08 – Personality and Social Division).

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