Seeking FF-PTG Lab Assistants

Seeking Research Assistant (RA) Positions for Fall 2021

Are you a motivated psychology major?  Are you interested in immersing yourself in the research process? If you answered yes, the Free Form Posttraumatic Growth (FF-PTG) Lab may be a good fit for you! Our research concentrates on people’s mind, personality, perceptions, cognition, emotions, attitudes, feelings, behaviors, values, and beliefs (so, pretty much everything) while living. which may or may not correspond to the path of post-traumatic growth. Our Lab is currently looking for one  or two additional research assistants to begin in the Fall 2021 semester


Being a member in the lab will require the student to:

  1. Be an OU undergraduate, preferably at a sophomore or junior status, with Psychology major
  2. Completed or currently taking PSY 2500 (Research Design in Psychology Course)
  3. Plan to take PSY 2510 (Statistics in Psychology Course) in the near future
  4. Dedicate 10 hours per week to lab work,
  5. Enroll in Readings and Research course (4 credits) or Research Apprenticeship course (4 credits), and
  6. Have effective communication skills, both verbal and written.

This is a great opportunity to gain valuable skills in multiple areas (e.g., writing, statistics, etc.) and will allow you to work independently as well as collaboratively with the fellow lab members to enhance your research experience, so please do not feel hesitant to apply.  We are interested in providing all psychology students with the opportunity to be a part of our lab. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Taku <> or Victoria Kaznowski .

Application Materials/Requirements:

Before applying, please know that this is not a paid position.  Also, in order to apply, you need to be an enrolled Oakland University student (psychology majors), preferably those who are sophomore or junior status.  Also, we are not accepting volunteer research assistants at this moment.  In order to participate in this lab, you must take the research apprenticeship course that is 4 credits.  The materials you need to apply include: (1) Letter of Interest, which should include <a> what you hope to accomplish in this research experience <b> your research/career interest, <c> your short-term/long-term goal, and <d> when you are planning to graduate, (2) Curriculum Vitae (resume), and (3) your unofficial transcript. The Letter of Interest and CV (resume) should be e-mailed to Victoria Kaznowski, and the unofficial transcript should be emailed to Dr. Taku.

Please contact Dr. Taku ( or Victoria Kaznowski if you are interested in applying for this position.  We are always looking for motivated students who are interested in doing research with us and gaining lab experience.

If you have any questions or want to make an appointment to discuss expectations/work requirements as an RA, feel free to email the current RAs for information.

To hear more about the five major topics we study in the lab, check out Dr. Taku’s video below:

Click here to visit Dr. Taku’s YouTube page where you can see all of her other videos!

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