Nicos’ Article Presentation


Recently, third semester undergraduate member, Nicholas, presented his article presentation and MOM preparation on Physicians’ Experiences with Patient Death by Jared Strote, Erika Schroeder, John Lemos, Ryan Paganelli, Jonathan Solberg, and Range Huston. This study aimed to identify the effects of patient death on emergency physicians (emergency medicine) and the coping mechanisms they us to deal with these events. The researches collected data from participants from four regions- mountain, south, southwest, and northwest-via surveys o measures of physical, emotional, and life encountering death, training experiences, emotional responses and coping strategies of the physicians. Data as looked at through chi-square analysis to evaluate the relationship between responses and the independent variables. Results showed significant results among gender differences, yeas since residency when compared to physical symptoms after patient death. Results also showed significance with years since residency and frequency of witnessing death among sever actions or changes among the physicians. Lastly, they found that participants reported rarely receive debriefing after the deaths, and emergency physicians coping mechanisms in response to patient deaths consisted mostly of talking with colleagues and friends/family. Great wok Nicholas!

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