Jo’s Article Presentation

First semester undergraduate lab member, Jo, recently gave her first article presentation titled Secondary Traumatic Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Satisfaction in a Sample of Spoken-Language Interpreters that was published by Christopher J. Mehus and Emily H. Becher. The researchers of this study wanted to analyze the level of secondary posttraumatic stress (SPTS), burnout, and compassion satisfaction in spoken-language interpreters and compare them to the population normed score. They predicted that refugee interpreters who may have similar personal histories with their clients, would exhibit higher levels of SPTS. The results showed that burnout and the prediction that refugee status would increase SPTS was not significantly different than the population norm. This suggests that the interpreter’s ability to connect to their clients, develop high compassion satisfaction, and find meaning within their work may protect them against burnout and SPTS. These results help to facilitate the discussion of interpreter psychological support programs by understanding what affect’s their psychological states from the impact of their client histories. The researchers believe that future directions should seek to better understand the psychological impact of interpreting and how it influences the overall quality of their relationships through interpreting. Jo would like to use this article to build upon her own interests in examining how signed interpreters may be influenced by SPTS. Good job on your presentation, Jo!  

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