Colin’s Updated Master’s Thesis Proposal

Colin, first year master student, recently presented updates to his master’s thesis proposal titled Non-linear Change in Perceived Risk of Mass Shooting in Response to New Information. Colin will soon begin to examine multiple biological and psychological outcomes, as well as, individual responses to various types of information regarding mass shootings. He will be examining alpha (linear), beta (non-linear reprioritization & recalibration), and gamma (non-linear reconceptualization) changes with the predictions that the various types of exposure to mass shooting information will have specific outcomes regarding the type of change detected in each individual. Colin hopes to collect valuable data to aid in a better understanding of how various forms of media and the overall affects of mass shootings, for those who are not directly involved, are impacting individuals. He hopes to one-day aid in the creation of applicable trainings, better ways to spread awareness and news within the media, and hopefully find therapeutic outlets for those directly and indirectly involved. Great work Colin, we look forward to hearing about your findings!

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