The FF-PTG Lab Welcomes New Members

The FF-PTG Lab welcomed two new students this fall!

Kaylie Williams is a first-year master’s student who graduated from Michigan State this past spring with a bachelor’s in psychology. She joined the FF-PTG lab because of its many opportunities for research relevant to her interests, like the effects of childhood trauma on psychopathology and intimate relationships. Kaylie’s interest in the area came from experience working in a juvenile court and inspires her to investigate childhood trauma in the context of the criminal justice system. Eventually, she hopes to obtain a PhD in Forensic Psychology. We are excited to be working with you, Kaylie!

Also joining the lab this fall is Lazo Dordeski, a senior undergraduate with a major in psychology and a minor in political science. He joined the lab in hopes of gaining research experience and knowledge about posttraumatic growth that can be applied to the legal field. Lazo is interested in action-focused and its interrelations with PTG and racial disparities, inequality, and mass protests. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he plans to pursue law school. Welcome to the FF-PTG Lab, Lazo!

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