Reflecting on the American Psychological Association Convention

The Posttraumatic Growth Lab presented a poster at the American Psychological Association convention this August in Orlando, Florida.


Dr. Kanako Taku, along with Dr. Richard Tedeschi (Charlotte, North Carolina) and Dr. Cengiz Kılıç (Ankara, Turkey) presented their symposium on Cross-Cultural Differences in the Perceived Favorability of Posttraumatic Growth Experiences.


To find out more information about Dr. Taku’s presentation, please e-mail her at

In addition to the symposium, Dr. Taku presented research entitled “Subjective Definitions of Growth and Religions Correlate with Posttraumatic Growth” with her research assistants Valarie Pierson and Melissa Sawa. The poster for their presentation can be found here.


Valarie and Melissa, above, discussing Posttraumatic Growth with Dr. Kılıç. 


PTG researchers from around the world! Pictured above are Dr. Kanako Taku, Dr. Richard Tedeschi, Melissa Sawa, Dr. Cengiz Kılıç, and Valarie Pierson. 

Overall, the convention was a great experience. It was fantastic to be able to learn about what is new in current psychology research, especially with Posttraumatic Growth. We were all presented with the opportunity to network and enjoy the conference.

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