PTG and Resilience Workshop

On Sunday June 9th, 2013, Dr. Kanako Taku and her colleagues will host this workshop at the National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo, Japan.  This workshop will cover posttraumatic growth, resilience, perceived benefit, making meaning and problem solving; this will be the third workshop.ncch_topl_01

There will be ten presenters along with Dr. Taku:

  • Taku Kondo will be discussing how PTG has changed him.
  • Kei Hirai will be discussing problem solving skills and resilience.
  • Atushi Oshio will be discussing how to measure/assess resilience.
  • Koichi Hiraki will be discussing how the narrative of PTG helps survivors.
  • Rie Chiba will be discussing benefit finding among people with mental disorders.
  • Miyako Tsuchiya will be discussing the positive experiences in breast cancer survivors.
  • Hiromi Kuroda will be discussing how a role model influences our sense of personal growth.
  • Ayumi Nomura will be discussing the application of PTG in individuals who have dementia.
  • Kayo Hirooka will be discussing the psychological change in bereaved individuals who have lost family to cancer.
  • Ken Shimizu will be discussing the qualitative data on PTG among cancer survivors.
  • Kanako Taku will be discussing the future directions of the studies using the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory.
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