Meeting of the Minds Conference – U of M-Flint

The most recent conference that the PTG lab attended was the Meeting of the Minds Conference, located at U of M-Flint on May 10th, 2013.   The members had a total of two poster presentations, and one oral presentation.

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  • Elam, S., & McGuire, K. The Influence of Disclosure and Religiosity on the Posttraumatic Growth of Bereaved Adolescents.  Results of this study showed that there were significant differences for those who did and did not disclose about death in the domains of Relating to Others and New Possibilities.  Also, disclosing about the death in detail shows strong significance in the domain of Personal Strength.
  • Thomas, I., & McGuire, K. A Matter of Perception: Contrasting Posttraumatic Growth in Temporary and Permanent Medical Pathologies of American College Students.  Results of this study showed that participants who perceived their medical pathology as a permanent condition experienced significantly higher PTG.
  • McGuire, K., & Elam, S. Romantic Relationship Dissolutions: Assessing Posttraumatic Growth Cross-Culturally Between American and Japanese Undergraduate Students.  Results of this study showed that American students have more experiences with romantic problems overall, but there are no significant differences in reports of romantic problem as “most stressful” between American and Japanese students.  Overall significant differences were also found in level of PTG experienced in both American and Japanese students.

This was another great experience for the PTG lab, allowing them to present their own research to faculty members and other students.  They were able to engage in conversation with other student researchers from U of M-Dearborn, U of M-Flint, and Oakland University. Another job well done!

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