Lab Members Research Accepted into Michigan Academy Conference

Multiple members of the lab finished working on their submissions to the Michigan Academy Conference, being held at Oakland University on February 28th.  The members just received an e-mail early this week stating that their submissions were accepted.  Now Kellie, Sharell, Maggie and Leah will be busy putting together their poster presentations to present at the conference next month.Image

  1. Sharell Elam and Kellie McGuire are presenting Cross-Cultural Comparisons of the Awareness of Posttraumatic Growth on Positive Psychological Change Among American and Japanese Adolescents. Their research is a cross-cultural investigation of how the awareness of growth can impact the self-report of positive change after traumatic events in American and Japanese adolescents. Results of the study indicate that there is limited awareness of PTG and when highly exposed to positive socio-cultural elements, adolescents reported higher growth in both nations. Why might these findings be important to the field of Psychology?  These findings suggest that socio-cultural context is important to experiencing PTG.
  2. Maggie Britton, Kellie McGuire, and Leah LaLonde are presenting their study, The Combined Role of Religiosity and Gender on the Self-Esteem of American Adolescents. They researched the interaction effect between gender and religiosity on self-esteem in an adolescent population.  Although gender and self-esteem have been frequently studied this study indicates that male and female participants were affected differently by level of religiosity.
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