Maggie and Leah Present at their First Conference

Maggie and Leah

Maggie Britton and Leah LaLonde presented The Combined Role of Religiosity and Gender on the Self-Esteem of American Adolescents at Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters.  This was the first conference for both Maggie and Leah.  They thought it was a great experience and  were able to share their research with faculty and students.  They feel that this conference has prepared them for what to expect when attending future conferences.  Maggie and Leah are shown on the top right picture with their poster, along with their fellow members showing support for their presentation. 

  • Britton, M., McGuire, K., LaLonde, L., & Taku, K. (2014, February). The combined role of gender and religiosity on the self-esteem of American adolescents. Poster session presented at the 120th Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, & Letters Annual Meetings, Rochester, MI.
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