Upcoming Meeting of Minds Conference Presentations

It is that time of the year again.  A few of the lab members submitted and were accepted into the Twenty-second Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference that is being held at Oakland University on May 9th.  This  conference is held for undergraduate students to present their accomplishments from the semester, and interact with faculty from participating schools.mom_sidebar

  • Kellie McGuire and Sharell Elam will be giving an oral presentation Heart-breaker vs. Heart-broken: Does it Matter for Posttraumatic Growth?  
  • Rebekah Hendrian and Kellie McGuire will present their poster Posttraumatic Growth in Adolescents after Sports-Related Injuries.
  • Leah LaLonde and Sharell Elam will present their poster Pathways to Posttraumatic Growth: Can the Way We Ruminate About an Event Affect Our Experience of Growth?

The lab members will wrap up the end of a busy semester with their presentations. Read the abstracts for each presentation in the Meeting of the Minds Program.


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