Former PTG Lab Member, Dr. Sarah-Rae Andreski, Speaks at Oakland

One of the first PTG Lab research assistants, Dr. Sarah-Rae Andreski, recently spoke at Oakland University on Friday, Sarah GradJanuary 16th  to undergraduate and graduate Psychology students about her recent experiences as a graduate student. After graduating from Oakland University in 2009 with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, English, Spanish Language and Literature, she attended Palo Alto University. Just recently, in 2014, she graduated with her PhD in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Andreski is now a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Long Beach VA Medical Center specializing in Rehabilitation Psychology.

Her shared experiences as a graduate student and now as a post-doctoral fellow,were educational and honest. Her advise to current students looking to apply this upcoming fall is to keep an open mind and to not be afraid to move. Finding the “goodness of fit” or the right program that suits your goals financially and academically is indefinitely ideal. And if you already have a specific branch of Psychology in which you are interested in, she also advises you try to find research opportunities within that field and pertain those interests in other classes as well when you have the freedom. Dr. Andreski’s success story has made the PTG Lab proud and we look forward to hearing about her future endeavors.

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