Geena’s Journal Club Presentation

Lab member, Geena presented a study Exploring self-perceived growth in a clinical sample of IMG_6363severely traumatized youth. This was Geena’s first Journal Club Presentation in the PTG lab. First and second semester research assistants present an article of their choose to the other lab members. The study aimed to add to research of PTG in children and adolescents who have experienced a severe trauma. The study analyzed how much growth they experienced and what kind of growth they reported by examining PTG before and after psychotherapy. Surprising to the researchers, only 17% of the participants reported PTG before psychotherapy (pre-treatment). However, they did find that the participants reported significantly more PTG post-treatment than pre-treatment. Geena is particularly
interested in the differences between children and adults experiencing PTG and plans to further this research with her time in the lab.

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