2016 ICP in Yokohama

Dr. Kanako Taku attended 31st International Congress of Psychology in Yokohama, Japan (July 24 – 29) and made two symposium presentations, along with the three co-authored poster presentations.

In the first symposium, they discussed PTG, PTSD, and resilience in Hong Kong, Japan, and the US (ICP Abstract).


Atushi Oshio, Kanako Taku, Robert Yanagisawa, Samuel Ho, and Craig Katz (from left)

In the second symposium, they discussed the possibility of PTG intervention, with Dr. Tominaga as a chair (ICP_Abstract).


Yoshiki Tominaga, Akira Tsuda, Evelin I Witruk, Kanako Taku, Shiori Onuma, and Zarina Akbar (from left)

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