Geena’s Article Presentation and Hypotheses

Lab member, Geena preimg_5479sented a study, Associations among religious coping, daily hassles, and resilience by Laura McIntire and Renae Duncan. After presenting the article to the lab, she presented potential hypotheses based on the article’s findings and started a discussion about them. The
main purpose of this study was to to examine the relationships among religious coping styles, the experience of daily hassles, and resiliency. Negative religious coping was found to be positively correlated with psychological distress and resilience was found to be negatively correlated with psychological distress. Researchers also found that individuals who experienced more daily hassles and used positive religious coping had a greater resilience than those who experienced more daily hassles but used negative religious coping. Geena then presented hypotheses based the findings that she plans to further research in the future.

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